Thursday, February 09, 2006

seesselberg // synthetik 1

seesselberg // synthetik 1 (seesselberg 1973)

1 Overtuere - "Jeder ist heutzutage gluecklich"
2 Eintrachtkreis-Paranoia
3 Verhuetungsfreudenwalzer
4 Speedy Achmed
5 Studentenzucker
6 "Die Menschen sind gluecklich, sie kriegen, etc."
7 Phoenix
8 "Was Dir heute Freude macht, das verschieb etc."
9 Auszug aus einem Konzert in der Duesseldorfer Kunsthalle 1971

electronic experimentation on homemade synthesizers. evoking and invocating kluster, suicide and silver apples. original lp was limited to 600 copies and one will find oneself lucky to score a copy for less than $150 (unless one's name is keith fullerton whitman...). the rip of the lp is split into two long files, one per side. (66 mb)

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

debris // static disposal

debris // static disposal (self released 1976)

1 one way spit 2'47
2 female tracks 2'18
3 witness 4'19
4 tricia 2'25
5 boyfriend 2'16
6 leisurely waiting 3'57
7 new smooth lunch 1'48
8 manahattan 3'01
9 flight taken 3'28
10 tell me 5'03
11 blue girls 4'50

oklahoma punks who churned this masterpiece out in less than half a day! awesome and weird glam-punk/psych/art school noise hybrid that at times burns like chrome, rocks like simply saucer and confuses like beefheart. anopheles (who are responsible for the reissue of the brainmelting george brigman lp) reintroduced this on cd in 1999 but the initial run sold out. the label is now selling cdr versions with 10 extra tracks. well worth owning. (61 mb)