Thursday, February 09, 2006

seesselberg // synthetik 1

seesselberg // synthetik 1 (seesselberg 1973)

1 Overtuere - "Jeder ist heutzutage gluecklich"
2 Eintrachtkreis-Paranoia
3 Verhuetungsfreudenwalzer
4 Speedy Achmed
5 Studentenzucker
6 "Die Menschen sind gluecklich, sie kriegen, etc."
7 Phoenix
8 "Was Dir heute Freude macht, das verschieb etc."
9 Auszug aus einem Konzert in der Duesseldorfer Kunsthalle 1971

electronic experimentation on homemade synthesizers. evoking and invocating kluster, suicide and silver apples. original lp was limited to 600 copies and one will find oneself lucky to score a copy for less than $150 (unless one's name is keith fullerton whitman...). the rip of the lp is split into two long files, one per side. (66 mb)

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

debris // static disposal

debris // static disposal (self released 1976)

1 one way spit 2'47
2 female tracks 2'18
3 witness 4'19
4 tricia 2'25
5 boyfriend 2'16
6 leisurely waiting 3'57
7 new smooth lunch 1'48
8 manahattan 3'01
9 flight taken 3'28
10 tell me 5'03
11 blue girls 4'50

oklahoma punks who churned this masterpiece out in less than half a day! awesome and weird glam-punk/psych/art school noise hybrid that at times burns like chrome, rocks like simply saucer and confuses like beefheart. anopheles (who are responsible for the reissue of the brainmelting george brigman lp) reintroduced this on cd in 1999 but the initial run sold out. the label is now selling cdr versions with 10 extra tracks. well worth owning. (61 mb)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

jacques thollot // quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe a la mer

jacques thollot // quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe a la mer (futura 1971)

1. cecile 3'53
2. position stagnante de reaction stationnaire 1'24
3. enlevez les boulons, le croiseur se desagrege 2'22
4. mahagony extraits 3'06
5. qu'ils se fassent un village, ou bien c'est nous qui s'en allons 2'16
6. aussi long que large 5'05
7. quiet days in prison 2'43
8. de d.c. par j.t. 1'33
9. virginie ou le manque de tact 3'42
10. n.g.a. 1'19
11. aussi large que long 9'46
12. quand le son devient aigu, jeter la girafe à la mer 4'51
13. marche 1'18
14. a suivre 0'31

early 70s release on the mythical french futura label (steve lacy, anthony braxton, bernard vitet, michel portal, jacques berrocal etc). primarily a percussionist, here thollot proves he was way to restless to stick to only that as he also plays piano, organ, and dabbles with an array of electronic effects. the french robert wyatt? perhaps, as this is reminiscent of "end of an ear" at times. a beautiful synergy of delicate, way out and indescribable sounds. this was reissued on cd 10 years or so ago. forced exposure might still be sitting on some copies. (62 mb)

futura records discography:

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

l voag // the way out

l voag // the way out (self-released 1980)

1. front door
2. hall
3. kitchen
4. toilet
5. living room
6. bedroom
7. the way out
8. the lengthy pause
9. franco's prayer
10. the raw end (of the tits, bum & challenge deal)
11. boxing and sparing (with the third dimension)
12. the goalkeepers fear of the piss-up
13. planning-budgeting-shopping
14. helping the police with their enquiries
15. your own hair - your own chance
16. el cada dia del gente comun
17. the tuned knife and fork toned down to a light lunch
18. the monumental

a solo venture by jim of the homosexuals recorded in '79 and released in '80. no label info whatsoever. quite amazing album that swings from branch to branch in a matter of seconds; bedroom psych, sound collage, and avant noise. a treat. this is available on cd from ReR (who just reissued the first this heat album) with a bunch of great bonus tracks, including the l voag "move" ep.

someone requested the just measurers "flagellation" lp (it's war boys 19??) so i've included it here. also homosexuals related, this is jim, lepke and a gentleman named chris grey who played on some of the amos & sara recordings. (36 mb) (44 mb)

Monday, January 23, 2006

smegma // glamour girl 1941

smegma // glamour girl 1941 (lafms 1979)

1. difference 3'50
2. 1980 a.r. (after radiation)
3. prowing nose
4. die wo-wo 14'00
5. i am not artist 6'01
6. ladies nite at the ortho lounge 3'55
7. half a billion 7'38

classic portland noise merchants smegma's first album, full of honk & skronk & tape loops & drifting hippie havoc. no-neck probably heard this. corrupting miasma that belongs in every self-respecting household. track 2 through 4 plays as one. (50 mb)

anyone have requests?

Monday, January 16, 2006

robert ashley // in sara, mencken, christ and beethoven there were men and women & costin miereanu // luna cinese

robert ashley // in sara, mencken, christ and beethoven there were men and women (cramps 1974)

1. 40'50

costin miereanu // luna cinese (cramps 1975)

1. parte prima (seconda) 20'48
2. parte seconda (prima) 20'21

two excellent sound collage compositions on the italian prog label cramps, primarily known for releasing multiple area records. both of these are taken from its more left of center "nova musicha"-series (which also features john cage, cornelius cardew, david tudor and alvin lucier), with the ashley piece purely relying on voice and electronics, while miereanu pushes the warp factor all the way with his futuristic sci-fi adventure. "in sara..." is available as a vinyl reissue from get back. (47 mb) (47 mb)

an interesting read relating to ashley's "in sara...":

the cramps label:

Thursday, January 12, 2006

taj mahal travellers // august 1974

taj mahal travellers // august 1974 (cbs japan 1975)

side a
1. I 19'51
side b
2. II 21'27
side c
3. III 23'29
side d
4. IV 23'27

massive landmark double lp of otherworldly drones. glorious rapture. listen close and hear the heavens implode.

from liners:
"Places and times of the trip: coffee houses, small galleries of Tokyo. They perform also on lonely beaches at dawn or on deserted hills in the afternoon. Also in Sweden, India, Iran, and England. Wherever a power supply is available. 'This music is not rehearsed, it happens. Without written notes or oral instructions; without an ensemble leader, each one having his own discourse immediately integrated into a slow, irregular throbbing of complex sound waves. Sound waves surfing.' Verfremdung: instruments are amplified with delay through echo machines. Previously produced sounds delivered by distant loudspeakers have already become something beyond reach when heard. This feedback - actually a time-space lag - is the basis of their music. The instrument arsenal: a violin played with glissandi in the same manner as the Indian sitar, string bass, guitar, drums, harmonica, small synthesizers, santurs (Iranian dulcimer played with two spoon-shaped mallets), a shahnal (Indian oboe), voices (Japanese Buddhist chanting, harmonic singing such as La Monte Young does or as heard in Stockhausen's 'Stimmung'). Amplifiers: a heterodyne (voltage controlled filters connected to infrasonic wave sources) which changes tone colors back and forth very slowly. Also, other rather primitive hand-made electronic devices. All these contribute to the everchanging diversity of the ensemble. Close your eyes, relax and musically receive passing clouds, breezes, surging waves. This music is slow as a Japanese tea ceremony and as peacefully full of cheer as ancient scroll paintings."

the japanese p-vine cd reissue from 6 or so years ago might still be available at around $40. get it. (47 mb) (55 mb)

Monday, January 09, 2006

iskra // allemansrätt

iskra // allemansrätt (ett minne för livet 1977)

side a
1. den ensamme cyklisten 5'58
2. klirr - tolv man i skogen 6'54
3. vedkraft 4'43
4. grodsymfonin 5'15
side b
5. en syl i vädret 4'19
6. till katarina blum 7'04
7. gula flöjten 4'27
8. halte kameraden 3'35

another stellar unreissued swedish free jazz session. iskra, which featured jörgen adolfsson who also played with archimedes badkar, improvise a taut and rhythmic 40+ minute set, which is clearly ayler inspired. makes sense as he spent quite some time in stockholm, as did don cherry.

disclaimer: this was passed on to me as a cdr and the original rip of this is shady. both sides of the lp have been recorded as one long track and the record crackles quite a bit, which is fine, but one can also hear windows warning pop-ups in a couple of places. if anyone has a better version of this, please speak up, as this is music that needs to be heard! (60 mb)

good article on swedish improv:

Sunday, January 08, 2006

brast burn // debon & karuna khyal // alomoni 1985

brast burn // debon (voice 1975)

1. part 1 23'28
2. part 2 22'28

karuna khyal // alomoni 1985 (voice 1976)

1. side a 24'32
2. side b 22'30

two different varities of japanese voodoo by the same people here. brast burn (karuna khyal and toshiyuko nemoto, supposedly) deliver expansive, trance-inducing freakouts, coming across like a mixture of everything that was good about krautrock (can, faust, amon duul) and magical power mako. acoustic jamming, flute, sleigh bells, keyboards, tape loops...and that's not even half of it. a stunning slowburn. "alomoni 1985" is a different sounding deal (and technically not on the nww list...) but similar in that it's divided into two side long tracks. the tape loops and echo effects are prevalent here also, but this is beefheart playing repetitive space blues with musique concrete-obsessed chanting monks. these descriptions are terrible, listen for yourselves. note: both albums were reissued by the uk-based paradigm label about 7 years ago in a limited run. they show up every now and then so if you see one, grab it. sound is far superior to these files. (78 mb) (65 mb)

not totally unrelated, here's a handy guide japanese psych and prog:

decayes // not yet!

decayes // not yet! (imgrat 1980)

1. shoot 'em in the head 4'33
2. my house in iran 2'19
3. right now 3'00
4. we just want money 4'00
5. i'm not a clown 1'39
6. only fourteen 4'45
7. look at that man 3'31
8. coffee 2'42
9. what a drag 3'59
10. no good 4'00
11. all my friends are trees 4'27

"i think it's time to shoot someone important!". first off, a lot of people hate this record. i think it's pretty great diy avant weirdness that frequently toes the line between genius and complete idiocy. lyrics deal with important issues such as sex and killing people. should please people into the homosexuals, screamers and those looking for sharp art punk shocks. no reissue of this as far as i know but there is a limited one of the decayes' fourth album, "hornetz". might still be available from your favorite dealer. (55 mb)

Saturday, January 07, 2006

förklädd gud // jazz i sverige 77

förklädd gud // jazz i sverige 77 (caprice 1977)

1. suite birth 26'40
2. davis' cup 3'37
3. fläsklägg 6'31
4. ditt rosa kranium 5'16
5. hopplös flamenco 7'30
6. after ours 1'07

one of the lesser known items on the list, this one. brilliant improv jazz combo from sweden that serve up a scorching hot platter of fiery & free group jam lava on the a-side. recalls everything from morton feldman, pharoah sanders, anima, and mats gustafsson. the b-side, which consists of 5 shorter (mostly) solo pieces, is less effective but worth a listen nonetheless. not reissued to this day, this recently sold on ebay for $250. (69 mb)